What is 12Comics?

A: 12COMICS is academic support via custom comic books.


12Comics is a unique Interdisciplinary Literacy Support (ILS) service for children, youth and adults.  12Comics is currently the only organization in the nation that uses the creation of a superhero, custom comic book and custom trading card game as instructional tools. These tools support literacy by allowing students to read comics, write their own comic, and engage mathematical principals through a custom trading card game. Motivated by the unique method of creating customized professional comics and card games, students are more apt to engage subject material that they otherwise would not find interesting at all.  The program also insures that students increase their knowledge in the natural sciences and history, while developing their vocabulary, leadership and oral communications skills. Additional points of emphasis are: tactile learning and creative expression of both positive and negative energy. Classes have also been geared toward special education students, seniors, and troubled youth.   


The 12 Comics method promotes the connection of student academic achievement to the growth of their super hero character. The better the student does in school, the students’ created hero becomes more prominent and powerful. Report card grades, completed homework assignments, and test scores are all converted into points (i.e. an A or 100% on a test equals 20 points). These points are applied to the student’s super hero character attributes. This motivates students to complete school work and to study knowing their academic success will affect their characters progress, comic book story and trading card.

What makes 12Comics so unique is its ability to allow students to engage subject matter through the perspective of their superhero character allowing students to attain and surpass Common Core standards. This technique allows students to approach subject matter from a creative point of view which enables the student to grasp the basic fundamentals of any subject such as learning the science behind their super powers or engaging historical and contemporary events through the “eyes” of their character. Results of engaging subject matter from a creative perspective has seen an increase in students taking ownership of the content as well as an increase in retention rates by 20-25%. 

In addition to creating and developing a superhero character, students have the opportunity to participate in the 12Comics entrepreneurial component.  This allows students to experience the marketing and selling of their comic book as well as receiving royalties from sales of any merchandise or book signings that feature their character. 

At the end of the school year, students will produce either a custom biographical comic book, a collaborative professionally illustrated comic book and trading card game to share with friends, family and the world!


All Programs are completely customizable and can be modified for Online, Summer Camp, In-School, After-school, Evening, Adult and Senior Citizen Program Schedules:

We also offer programming for ESL students (English Second Language), Detention Centers, Alternative High Schools, Religious Institutions and Corporations.