Welcome to the 12 Comics! Academic Support via Custom Comic Books!

Founded in 2003, 12Comics is a unique Interdisciplinary Literacy Support (ILS) service for children, youth and adults.  It is the only recognized organization in the United States to use the creation of a superhero, custom comic book and superhero trading cards as instructional tools. These tools have been able to support and enhance literacy, reading, writing, and math. The program has also insured that students develop their knowledge in the natural sciences and history, while increasing their vocabulary and oral communications skills. 



Mission Statement and Common Core Standards

The 12Comics Learning Support Program is designed to assist students in acheiving Common Core Standards by:

  • Allowing students to engage subject matter through the development of a custom superhero.
  • Providing students with a fun, creative, yet challenging academic environment that fosters teamwork, inspires academic excellence, and encourages contribution by peers.
  • Leveraging technology to develop and nurture modern innovative learning styles.
  • Provide superior levels of support and service to our schools.




Our Programs Include:

1. Custom Picture Book: This program is geared toward organizations with large populations of young students (K-2 but all grades can participate) Each student will create a superhero/science fiction/fantasy based character. The published book will feature the student’s character and student’s name.

2. Custom Compilation Biography Book: This program is similar to the Picture Book program except with added biographical content created by the student featuring detailed information about their character.

3. Custom Compilation Mini Novel: A published Short Story featuring a group of students.

4. Custom Illustrated Comic Book: A published illustrated comic featuring a group of students.

5. Custom Tabletop and Online Trading Card Game: When students reach certain levels of Honor Roll, they can participate in the table top trading card game or the Online Trading Card game.






 What is 12Comics?


 Newark Eagle Academy for Young Men 2014

 Newark Brick Avon Academy School: Sponsored by BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life) Summer  2014


 Maplewood NJ Seth Boyden School Super Hero Training Activity